re meditation trainerCore meditation trainer and box.
Core meditation trainer in charging dock
Core meditation trainer on charging dock.

Core Meditation Trainer

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Start a consistent practice with Core, your hand-held, personal meditation trainer with dynamic vibrations and biofeedback to help you focus and stay motivated.

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One year of Premium ($69.99/yr):
300+ guided meditations, breath training, and soundscapes with new sessions updated daily



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Core Essential


Core Meditation Trainer

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Core Meditation Trainer
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Core Premium

Meditation, reinvented

Expert instructors keep it fresh

Join a studio class led by our pros or practice breathwork, powered by the Core App

Take the guesswork out of your practice

Biosensors measure & track your stress levels, keeping you motivated to progress on your journey

Vibrations that guide you

Anchor your breathing and focus with synced vibrations

Meditation designed to stick

Made with natural wood and designed to stand out in your home as a reminder to show up for yourself

The Core difference

Not just another meditation app — Core is like having a personal meditation coach in the palms of your hands.

Greater consistency

Core users meditate more than 4 times as frequently as users of stand-alone apps.

Improved focus

Core’s vibrations help you concentrate and keep your mind from wandering.

Increased resilience

Reduce feelings of anxiety, aid sleep, and build your body's resilience to stress.

Expert Guidance

300+ guided meditations and breath training sessions led by a diverse team of instructors.

Relax in Just 3 Minutes a Day

The Core app includes a broad variety of meditation lengths and themes to meet every need.

Feedback that Motivates

Stop wondering if you're doing it right. Core's biosensors measure your response and track your progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

“I’m pretty hyper, so I love to have something to hold, and that’s where I found Core. It’s great having that thing you can hold to be still, and track your focus.”

Brianna Cope, Pro Surfer