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Instructor portrait: Angelica


Angelica is a yoga/meditation instructor born and raised in New York City. Having grown up in a fast paced environment she has found mediation as a way to anchor her. Through teaching, she enjoys being able to aid people uncover their potential to take on whatever they’re looking to achieve by tuning in to themselves.

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Instructor portrait: Dane


Dane is a certified breath work instructor, meditation teacher, and fitness trainer, with 5-years of Zen study. Meditation helped him become one with his anxiety and sharing the practice with others lights his world up with purpose.

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Instructor portrait: Devon


Originally from "America's Hat" (Canada), Devon is interested in activities that require simultaneous focus and release, such as dance, martial arts, and yoga. This interest is what eventually led her to build a meditation practice.

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Instructor portrait: Georgette


Georgette Dunn is a Canadian girl at heart that lives in Dallas, TX. She is a Meditation Facilitator, Yoga Teacher, Holistic Health Coach, and Wellness Speaker. Happily leaving the corporate world behind, Georgette has made a career for herself helping individuals to use yoga, meditation and nutrition to improve their holistic health goals.

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Instructor portrait: Jen


Jen Bakane is a longtime fitness, wellness & holistic health enthusiast with a passion for dance. She loves sharing the joy of dance with others and all of the physical benefits that go along with it. You may have seen her dancing on the sidelines this season as an Oakland Raiderette.

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Instructor portrait: Joe


Joe discovered meditation after years of leaning into “Hustle Culture.” The practice of meditation has taught Joe how to stay grounded even when the world can feel so big — it has provided him with tools to capitalize on positive feelings, and to proactively approach anxiety and negativity.

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Instructor portrait: Kyla


Kyla hails originally from Maryland but calls many places home including Israel, Argentina, and California (speak Hebrew and Spanish with me!). She works as a speaker and facilitator and creates spaces for millennials to gather in meaningful, authentic connection.

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Instructor portrait: Michelle


Michelle understands firsthand the importance of slowing down to breathe. Between teaching high intensity fitness classes at Equinox, running her collagen protein bar business, and traveling, she credits meditation to helping her find balance in the chaos.

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Instructor portrait: Nikki


Nikki’s purpose is to be a radiant expression of love, to bask in the beauty of life, and to create a space for others to courageously shine their light! A 500 hour RYT, Nikki completed her training at The Practice in Bali, and uses the system of Tantric Hatha Yoga to help others master their energy and ultimately their life.

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Instructor portrait: Shundo


Shundo David Haye is an ordained Zen priest. He came from England in 2000 to live at the San Francisco Zen Center, and spent fifteen years in residential training, including five years of monastic practice at Tassajara.

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Instructor portrait: Susana


Susana is a yoga/mindfulness instructor from Bogota, Colombia, currently based in Oakland since 2014. When Susana moved to California, she remembers finding meditation as a healthy practice to support her transition into a new country.

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Instructor portrait: Nikki


Thalia Ayres Randolph (Reiki Master, ORDM, EOL Doula, E-RYT) has one mission… to ignite seeds of light within the hearts of every living being. She believes that the pursuit of enlightenment is a human birthright and is here to help you move beyond the physical self and tap into something much more real.

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Instructor portrait: Wayne


Wayne Stewart is a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor in the Atlanta area with the passion to help people move better. He started his meditation journey simply out of curiosity. With a background in physical training, the mental aspect of meditation intrigued him at first.

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