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The Power of (Good) News: May

Core Marketing

May 30, 2020

Welcome to Good Pillar’s May installment of The Power of Good(news). These days, though there has been a definite storm of anxiety-inducing news, it’s still helpful to take a look at the positive in the world. May was especially difficult and emotional, with shelter-in-place continuing alongside the breaking of new tragic and shocking cases of police brutality. While there is much hardship and uncertainty, it’s still a worthwhile practice to take a look at the good, and the power that can come with good news. Stand together, stand strong, and read on for a roundup of the latest good news, from cultured penguins, to super blooming roses, to culinary babies.

1. Penguins! In art museums! What a time to be alive!

Many of us are in lockdown mode, but that’s not the case for everyone. Penguins have been spotted around the world doing fun things like roaming Cape Town, South Africa, and even getting their culture fix in art museums.


2. This one-year-old baby is the food guru you didn’t know you needed

With 1.6 million Instagram followers (and counting), this one-year-old’s cooking “tutorials” have caught the eyes and hearts of many of us. If you need a pick-me-up, check out some “Kobe Eats” cuteness.

Sometimes I really don't offer much help in the kitchen. Like over the weekend when my mom asked me to help her make pasta salad. Instead I just enjoyed playing with the pasta and eating it 🤣 but I learned a lot and had so much fun!!! 😍

3. The Core crew is staying strong through quarantine in different ways

Our CEO Sarah McDevitt gave her cousin AND both her parents haircuts, with no major disasters to report. She’s available for bookings. 😉

Our Director of Product Management, Travis Williams, has upped his cycling game by going on 20-mile socially distanced bike rides with a friend or two on the weekends. SF has some beautiful views!


Our co-founder Brian Bolze has been meditating more than ever. Cheers to you Brian! (PS he’s single and available for Zoom dates).

4. We’re seeing the best super bloom of roses in years

In California, we’re seeing an incredible spring for rose blooms. In fact, it’s the best since 2017.

“It was something about the weather conditions, all that late rain, but this spring has been an especially profuse bloom for roses, and lots of other plants too,” said rose expert Tom Carruth to the LA Times. He cares for more than 2,700 rose plants at the Huntington Library, Art Museum and Botanic Gardens, and has some great tips on how you can do the same.

Happy gardening/riding/cooking/living, everyone!

Sarah is a wellness and beauty devotee, professional Instagram lurker, and houseplant enthusiast. When she's not working or experimenting with new trends, she likes to cook, garden, hang out with her tiny dog, and spend time outside. She lives in Santa Cruz, CA.