About us

Our purpose is to cement mental wellness as a pillar of modern life.

What we believe

Taking care of oneself is a powerful act.

Everyone is capable of and would benefit from meditation.

What we can measure, we can improve.

We are all in constant progress.

Founder & CEO Sarah McDevitt

Why we made Core

"We chose the name Core to bring to mind the deep, calm confidence that we identify with health and happiness — that inner core of resilience and contentment — that we want Core customers to always be able to tap into."

Founder and CEO Sarah McDevitt was inspired to invent Core by her own need for an actionable strategy to stay "on track" through meditation. In 2014, Sarah was experiencing a number of changes simultaneously — a breakup, moving, leaving her job at Microsoft — resulting in a heavy bout of anxiety.  Sarah found relief in meditation, but discovered it was challenging to make it a regular, long-term habit.

This led Sarah to create what she wished already existed: a handheld meditation device that could guide users via vibration, while a built-in ECG offered insights into how their physical well-being was affected. Sarah paired up with co-founder Brian Bolze while pursuing her Masters in Education at Stanford. Together, they designed Core.

"It's like getting in shape. Mental strength is not a state you achieve, and then you’re done. It’s about enjoying the constant progress.

"This doesn’t mean always feeling happy and never feeling down... It’s leaning completely into joy when it’s there, maintaining humor about daily hiccups, and having the tools to  persevere through harder challenges."

Co-Founder Brian Bolze

Who we made Core for

Core is for anyone striving for something — whether it’s an Olympic medal, a promotion, or just getting out of bed today. We want to empower you to be the best version of yourself every single day. The unforgettable part of you that’s sometimes stifled by the always-on anxiety of modern life.

We know each person has their individual path, so we lean strongly on empathy, try to understand the needs and impact for different people, and try to support that through our offerings over time.

Core is designed to train your mind to always find the calm in any storm —so you can flex your inner strength to seize the day without it ever seizing you.

Who we are

We're a small but mighty team, with diverse interests and backgrounds. Our team includes meditation instructors, engineers (audio and software), designers, marketers, support agents, MBAs and gear heads — and we all wear a lot of hats.

We come from as near as California and Canada, and as far away as Thailand and Russia.

We first started selling Core in January, 2020, introducing Core publicly at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and like to involve our kids (and our pets) in the business.