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Core makes meditation easy. Just hold it in your hands, select a meditation in our app, and let Core’s pulse guide your breathing and focus.

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Monitor your stress

As you meditate, Core monitors your heart rate variability, a leading measure of stress. Using advanced EKG sensors, Core is able to provide an accurate, easy-to-read picture of your heart and nervous system’s response to meditation. Take a look at your reflection chart in the Core app to see the impact that a session had on your stress level.

Soothing pulse

Core gives off a soothing, vibrating pulse to guide your breathing and focus while you meditate. When your thoughts start to wander, this pulse makes it easy to bring your focus back to your breath. Core’s pulse is fully adjustable and with the ability to select different pulse shapes and tempos, it will always provide the support you need as you build your meditation practice.

Personalized recommendations

Every time you open the app, Core identifies and recommends meditations for you. Over time, your recommendations will become more personalized. Meditate alongside instructors, or find your calm in a variety of soundscapes. Our library of meditation audio is there for you to choose from and pairs perfectly with Core’s soothing pulse. No matter your path, we’ll help guide you towards your goals.

A natural fit for your home

Made with beautiful light Maple or dark Cherrywood, Core is designed to fit seamlessly into your home. When you’re not using it, set Core on your nightstand or desk as a subtle reminder to meditate. Core comes with a USB charging cord, wall port and charging base so it’s easy to charge up wherever you’d like.

Long lasting battery

Take that long weekend trip stress-free. Core’s battery lasts up to 4 days, so you can continue to build your practice on the go. Don’t want to pack the charger? No problem.

Core keeps improving

Getting your Core is just the beginning. Regular app updates mean that the Core experience and library of meditation sessions will continue to improve and grow even after you get your Core. As you build your practice, Core will be right there with you, learning what works for you and helping you achieve your goals.

Committed to
Mental Health
We've taken the 1% Pledge to donate 1% of our profits to mental health causes. By taking this pledge, we’re able to contribute to support systems beyond Core.

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