Meditation made easy

Find calm and focus with Core, your personal meditation trainer. New Core coming Summer 2019.

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Get Core. Get started.

Hold Core in your hands and select a meditation in our app. Core gives off a soothing pulse to help guide your breathing and focus as you find your calm.

Meditation. Personalized.

Every time you open the Core app, we’ll have a meditation selected just for you. Follow our lead with our personalized recommendations or browse our library.

Track your progress.

Ever wonder if meditating is really having an impact on your health? Core measures your stress level and shows you exactly how each session affects you.

Focus easier.

You're not alone in this. While you meditate, Core's vibrating pulse guides your breathing and focus. When your mind starts to wander, the pulse makes it easy to catch your attention's attention.

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See the impact.

Don’t take our word for it. See the impact meditation has on your body and mind. Using advanced EKG sensors, Core provides an accurate, easy-to-read picture of your body’s response to each session.

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Meditations you can stick to.

Follow Core’s personalized recommendations or select from our growing library of meditations. Meditate alongside instructors or find your calm in a variety of soundscapes. No matter your goals, you’ll find a meditation that works for you.

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Committed to Mental Health

We've taken the 1% Pledge to donate 1% of our profits to mental health causes. By taking this pledge, we’re able to contribute to support systems beyond Core.